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Business Startup & Accelerator Programme

The Business, Employment and Economic Acivity Focus Group has launched an extensive programme focused on promoting entrepreneurship, helping more people to start their businesses and supporting new and exisiting business owners to grow their businesses in the advent of changes to the business and economic landscape and the acceleration of digital transformation.

More About InBiz1000™
What Can You Expect?
What you will learn

We will be walking you through every aspect of business development – including;

    • Ideas Development
    • Business Model Development
    • Branding, Marketing
    • Customer and Market Segementation
    • Customer Realationship Management
    • Business Process Development
    • Go-To-Market Strategies
    • Funding & Financing Your Startup/Business
    • Growth Strategies

and much more…!

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What Support Is Available?
Extensive business support

Providing a range of wrap-around support for new and existing business owners;

    • 1. Business Consulting;

Help with Business Planning & Plan Writing, Evaluation and Business Model Reviews

    • 2. Accountancy and Finance;

Support for Businesses in Financial Planning, Pitching for Investment, Fundraising, Accounts Preparation, Self Assessments & Tax matters

    • 3. Business Services;

A range of services including; Company Formations, Promotions and Marketing, Graphics Design & Video Productions, Commercial Property Leasing, Lease Negotiations, Business Valuations and much more

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