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Empowering Young People to Live Their Inspired Life

ACYCLE Youth Club

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After School Club for children ages 5-11 years old.

The ACYCLE Youth Project was set up in 2019 with a specific mission to provide supplementary educational support, cultural and social education for children aged 5-11 years old from Black and Mixed Black Heritage Cultures in Ipswich, neighbouring parishes and towns.

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ACYCLE Youth Project is currently HIRING

We are looking for keen Volunteers and ambitious Youth Leaders to help the Project Leaders and the Management Team drive the project in the right direction.

You will be supported by an efficient Management team and will be given the necessary and relevant training to be effective and enable you to carry out your duties to the best of your abilities.

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We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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Why ACYCLE is different

Building resillience In Young People

ACYCLE is unique in it’s own standing as it provides access and opportunities for the participating children to engage in activities and programmes that introduces them to the world around them whilst encouraging them to visualise and aspire to the world they want to see.

The children learn about the importance of having strong cultural identity and pride, community, and about staying safe, learning about positive leadership characteristics and how to make better informed decisions that leads positive outcomes.

The project is unique in the sense that it pulls from African and Caribbean cultural perspectives and tradition, the key ingredients which make up a community, and cultural arts which can help them to stay confident, resilient and ambassadors for the future.

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Curent Project : Safety First

The “Safety-First” Programme has been funded by Suffolk Giving and Maurken through Suffolk Community Foundation who have been tremendously generous in supporting the project from its inception.

The aim of Safety First is to build diversionary and preventative activities for the children, enabling them to become more aware about behaviours and decisions that leads to anti-social behaviour, and how to make better informed decisions so that they avoid being drawn into conversations or disruptive behaviours that lead them down that path.

The main goal is to steer the children away from activities which would make them vulnerable to being drawn into anti-social behaviour, gangs, county lines and grooming.

The sessions planned have been shaped in partnership with the parents, the project management board along with the lead co-ordinator, youth tam leaders and the volunteers who are instrumental in making the project as successful as it has been till date.

The project will also be supported by a number of local organisations and professionals who will be delivering aspects of the programme to drive home the message of staying safe and being resilient using a variety of creative, fun and engaging activities, such as drama role play, digital art, street dance, art and crafts, video production, and book making.

All of the work will culminate into a ‘Safety first’ resource including a Safety-First Poster and handbook which will then be shared with other local organisations and projects working with young people to be used as an educational and information resource.

The children will also be encouraged and supported throughout the project to become Safety First Ambassadors within ACYCLE, their families and communities.

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Please complete the form below if you’d like to register your child to attend ACYCLE Youth Club.

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Dear parent/s and carers,

Thank you for expressing an interest in your child/ren attending the ACYCLE Youth Programme. The Project is funded to support the needs of black and mixed heritage children, and their families living in Ipswich, Suffolk.

The aim of the programme is to support children with the development of their confidence and inner resilience by providing culturally relevant activities which aim to instil a strong sense of pride and identity, celebrate their cultural heritage, build self-esteem and reinforce achievement.

We are pleased that you wish to be a part of this project by supporting your child/ren to take part. Please see the booking form below which is part of our registration process. We will contact you with a confirmation of placement shortly.

Imani Sorhaindo and Sharon Murray-Sakumai
ACYCLE Coordinators

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    Thank you for expressing an interest to work with ACYCLE. There are 3 Stages in the recruitment process.

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    Stage 3: You will be contacted within 7-10days to arrange an interview if your application is successful.

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    To get started, please read through the recruitment pack to understand the role before submitting your application.

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