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Suffolk Black Community Forum

The Voice of Black Heritage and Advocates for Equity in Suffolk

Representing the Black and Mixed Black Heritage Communities in Suffolk to advocate for equitable representation that builds relationships, bridges the inequality gap and promotes our shared and enriched culture.

Why Join the Suffolk Black Community Organisation

By joining the Suffolk Black Community Organisation as a member, you are adding your name to the collective voice that advocates for culturally appropriate services, support and resources to help solve many of the challenges faced by the community.

You will also benefit from the collective resources, collaborate with local talent, other professionals and an oportunity to provide services whereever you feel your talent can best serve.

Become a member and be a voice for your community.

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By joining the Suffolk Black Community Organisation as a member, you will be able to lean on the organisation to source help, support and expertise should you need any of the services the organisation will be advocating for.

These include;

    1. Health and Well-Being
    2. Criminal Justice Advocacy
    3. Rehabilitation Support
    4. Education
    5. Empowerment & Self-Development
    6. Employment Support
    7. Business Support & Entrepreneurship
    8. Heritage and Culture
    9. Help for the Elderly and Vulnerable


If you are interested in helping or working with others in any of the areas mentioned, we would encourage you to becoming a member. If you are a member of the community that needs support in any of the areas mentioned, do sign up, become a member and reach out.

We look forward to building a colective advocacy voice for the Suffolk Black Community.

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Suffolk Black Community (Forum) Organisation – Memberships

The Suffolk Black Community (Forum) Organisation is a springboard to bring all members of the Black Community in Suffolk together to discuss, plan and lead the way in shaping the future for Black people living in Suffolk.

As members of the Black Community, our beliefs are grounded in the Ubuntu principle, our heritage and cultural values, and thus, strive to build an inclusive community where we all work together with other communities to create an equitable future for all.

We look forward to welcoming you on board and hearing your views and suggestions on how we can make our communities more cohesive and euitable for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership is open to individuals, community groups (working directly to benefit the black community) and local organisations that share in the values and objectives of the Suffolk Black Community (Forum) Organisation.

Open to founding members or group leads. Associate Memberships are co-opted by group leads and will need to complete a suitability and assessment. Associate membership is subject to a membership fee.

  • Associate Members may hold relevant positions within the organisation with powers of voting
  • Make decisions on the election of Trustees or of the wider memberships (Corporate Members)
  • Table motions for decisions by vote or through a resolution (subject to meeting the requirements of a quorum)
  • Tender for delivering goods or services (subject to adhering to the clauses of permitted supply of goods or services)
  • Associate Members may tender for work with the organisation – but may not be present at any meeting to consider the tender

Open to local organisations and individuals who support the aims and objectives of the Suffolk Black Community (Forum) Organisation and pledge to work together to further its objects. Affiliate Memberships are be subject to a membership fee.

  • Affiliate Members may tender for work in partnership with the organisation
  • Take advantage of the resources (engagement, marketing etc) offered by the organisation
  • Shared spaces and collaborations

Note: Affiliate members may tender for work with the organisation – but must make provision for an associate member to be the link project co-ordinator to ensure the organisations objects are being met. They may also not be present at any meetings discussing their tender or application for collaboration.

Open to all members of the community. Ordinary members will only be required to pay a minimum holding membership fee, but thay can opt-in (at their own choosing) to offer to contrubute towards specific areas of work that they are passionate about in a voluntary, general or any other way they see fit, as well as making a donation to the organisation. They may also wish to contribute their time, experise, resource or an asset toward the work of the organisation or simply be affiliated with the movement.

  • Access (advocacy) support from the Suffolk Black Community (Forum) Organisation.
  • Subscribe to services being offered by and through the organisation
  • Learn new skills or obtain qualifications
  • Volunteer with any of the focus groups to support it work

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