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Black Men and Boys Movement

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Suffolk Black Men & Boys Movement

The Suffolk Black Community Men & Boys Forum is a movement providing a platform and support network for Black Men and Boys living and working in Suffolk to share experiences, learn, network, build relationships and celebrate our shared heritage.

We are an inclusive family whose beliefs are grounded in our heritage and cultural values and thus, are driven to work together with all other communities to create an equitable future for all.

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An Open Conversation

Giving Black Men & Boys A Voice

The Suffolk Black Community Men and Boys Forum is holding a series of talks and open conversations to share ideas and provide a platform for Black Men & Boys to air their views and explore ways to shape the our community.

In this conversation, we explore potential opportunities in having a platform for Black Men & Boys in Suffolk to networking, sharing ideas, exchanging views, learning, and perhaps, start a conversation about celebrating our shared cultures and heritage.

We would like to hear your suggestions, views and opinions to help shape the conversation.

This is an inclusive event focused on building consensus from the Black community and acts as a springboard to bring all members of the Black Community in Suffolk together to discuss, plan and lead the way in shaping the future for Black people living in Suffolk.

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Areas of Focus

As an inclusive community forum, we are committed to hearing from you to learn about your views, experiences, expectations and opinions about how we can help make the Black Community more equitable for the benefit of all communities.

Our Areas of Focus are categorised below;

    1. Education & Empowerment.
    2. Culture and Heritage
    3. Health and Well-Being
    4. Criminal Justice and Rehabilitation
    5. Employment
    6. Business and Economic Activity

We look forward to hearing your opinions, views, suggestions about how we can achieve our common goal and working together to create positive impact.

Your Opinions, Views and Co-operation matters…

Please complete the form below and share your views, opinions, or suggestions about how we can work together to create an equitable society for all.

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46 St Matthew’s St, Ipswich IP1 3EP

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Feel free to reach us if you need any assistance.

    Suffolk Black Community Forum

    Working together to build an equitable future for all.

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    All discussions and conversations are held in an open forum and invites views and perspectives from all walks of life.